Mixing Brooklyn Style With Atlanta Soul

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"I Got a Broken Soul but You Know I Gotta Face It"

LaReina Kali shares her struggles in her songs

Music resonates with many people during hard times. In 2013, music became more than just an outlet for LaReina Kali: it became her livelihood. Now an independent artist living in Buffalo, LaReina Kali records songs that speak to anyone going through difficult seasons and dealing with inner demons.

Her music blends modern and throwback hip hop, R&B, trance rap and reggaeton, and it's unlike anything you'll hear on the radio today. Check out her latest release now.

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LaReina Kali is a multitalented music producer who built her own equipment to shoot videos that capture the raw emotions in her songs. Fans of The Migos might notice similar creative elements in her music videos - she puts artistry first and foremost when shooting videos.

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LaReina Kali channels her emotions through the powerful lyrics she writes. Her music might resonate with you if...

You're sick of the choices you're making.

You've got your back against the wall.

You've got something to prove.

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